Teenage Girls With Stretch Marks – You’re Not Alone

Teenage Girls With Stretch MarksStretch marks are extremely common skin blemishes that appear for a variety of reasons. Young girls with stretch marks will find that the marks become more apparent during puberty and the common growth spurts throughout this time.

The body is growing so quickly over a short period of time and the skin is unable to accommodate the growth, causing the thin patches known as stretch marks.

In teenage girls, the most common areas for stretch marks are in the areas where fat storage is the greatest: stomach, breasts, hips, thighs, buttocks, and upper arms. These areas see the most rapid growth, leading the skin to have a difficult time in keeping up with the growth. It is also common for the marks to appear on shoulders and back, as growth spurts occur.

Why Do Teenage Girls Get Stretch Marks?

The skin covers the body to provide protection from the elements. It is a complicated series of layers that is meant to stretch and grow as needed. Of the many layers of skin, the dermis is the layer that accommodates most of the stretching. Like the nails and hair, the dermis is made of a special form of collagen.

This collagen is organized in the dermis in stretchy fibers. When rapid growth occurs in teenage girls, the dermis is not prepared to stretch, causing tears in the layer. A body that has lower levels of collagen will be more susceptible to stretch marks, as the dermal layer will be thinner, leading to a greater possibility of tears.

Girls With Stretch Marks – It’s A Lot More Common Than You Think…

The development of stretch marks in teenage girls is common. While stretch marks can be unsightly and embarrassing, the cycle of puberty causes many changes to the body, stretch marks among them. Stretch marks most commonly look like purple lines that form over areas of growth. These purple lines may fade over time, as the skin attempts to repair itself.

Teenage girls with stretch marks on their changing bodies should speak with their parents about treatment options. If stretch marks are severe, parents may consider consulting with a dermatologist for any prescription options for treatment. There are many options for teenage girls attempting to reduce or avoid stretch marks.

Below is a brief video about a teenage girl with stretch marks all over her torso. It’s a difficult case compounded by pregnancy, yet it’s a good example that even some of the worst cases can have successful results.

Treatment Options For Teenage Stretch Marks

First, methods of prevention can help teenage stretch marks before they become too serious. A balanced diet is essential during these times of growth in adolescence. Rapid weight gain or loss will increase the presence of stretch marks. During puberty, the increased amounts of hormones make it especially important to maintain a nutrient rich diet.

By providing the body with essential nutrients and vitamins, it gives the body the building blocks that it needs to keep the skin healthy. Each cell located in the layers of the skin requires certain vitamins to work properly and produce the collagen and elastin used to promote flexibility.

Vitamin A and C are essential for collagen synthesis. With a vitamin deficiency, stretch marks are more likely to develop, as the skin does not have the pieces of the puzzle needed to be optimally healthy. Vitamin A is used primarily in new growth and repair of tissues. Paired with Zinc, it helps to produce additional collagen and elastin. Vitamin C helps in the maintenance of collagen. A vitamin- and mineral-rich diet will help teenage girls to avoid stretch marks and repair those that have already appeared.

While a vitamin rich diet helps to repair the skin from the inside out, using certain moisturizers can help to repair from the outside in. The top layers of the skin are known as the epidermis. These layers are far from the nutrients provided in the dermis, making the epidermis prone to dryness.

Using moisturizers that are high in vitamin E can renew the cells. Vitamin E is a strong anti-oxidant, helping to reverse the damage from free radicals that are found in the cells. The skin should be massaged with the vitamin E rich moisturizer, promoting circulation and regeneration.

Using this method after a shower will be especially beneficial, as a shower washes away the essential oils of the skin that are used to maintain moisture. Other moisturizers that can be helpful include cocoa butter, shea butter, and aloe-based creams. Using a vitamin-rich lotion on a regular basis can reduce the visibility of stretch marks and help to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

It is important to understand that stretch marks in teenage girls are very common. During adolescence, growth and body changes are natural. The skin often cannot keep up with these changes, causing stretch marks.

Fortunately, teenage skin is very resilient and contains large amounts of collagen and elastin, making regeneration easier. While the appearance of stretch marks for teenage girls may be embarrassing, using methods as discussed above can go a long way in reducing visible marks.

Should these methods not give significant results, a dermatologist may be able to suggest other methods of treatment that can take a more aggressive approach.
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Berenice August 29, 2012

Putting on a bikini next season is about the last thing on your mind if you have stretch marks – it’s easy to forget (or simply not care!) about the way you look, as your body, diet, routine and relationships are all adapting to make way for baby. But I don’t believe you should surrender yourself totally! Between 75 and 90% of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy. There’s always hope with a system like this one.


Deb@StretchMarks360 September 18, 2012

Well said…


CJ August 28, 2012

With how many young girls are having babies now before they are even out of school I’m surprised that information about getting rid of stretch marks in adolescents hasn’t come out before now.


Cheryl August 28, 2012

We all associate stretch marks with pregnancy, but this article only reminded me that it is not only mothers and teenage girls that are susceptible to stretch marks. Young men and even middle aged men who workout – and especially those who lift weights along with those who use performance enhancing drugs – can also develop stretch marks. Typically, this happens around the shoulder and chest area because those muscles have great growth potential. I have gotten one stretch mark myself.


Rene July 5, 2012

Michelle, I had the same problem and my mom wasn’t around to tell me about it because she was always working. I think that stretch marks and the possibilities of them should be something discussed in sex ed. It is something that happens in your body and when you discuss the changes that take place during puberty just add this in there.


Jackie July 5, 2012

Ria, you are absolutely right, discussion now can be prevention later. Just like if this would have been talked about with my mom, It would have made things easier. This is something that is terribly embarrassing in gym class for these young girls. Please find some one to talk to.


Ashlee June 20, 2012

i don’t know i just don’t think that her stretch marks are the same as teens who haven’t had children… it’s expected that you’ll get stretch marks if your pregnant… especially when your that young


Deb@StretchMarks360 June 22, 2012

Hi Ashlee,

No, these are not your average teenage stretch marks. This is one of the more severe cases.

This young woman has all the harbingers of stretch marks against her – rapid weight gain, changing hormones, pregnancy, and probably a genetic predisposition.

I like this video because it shows there is hope for even the most extreme cases.


Ria June 18, 2012

This should be something that girls are told about earlier. It could really help. Or, a girls mom should be telling her these things about preventing stretch marks as soon as the mom notices a difference in her. And girls shouldn’t be embarrassed about talking to their mom’s about these things either, but if they are not approachable (my mom wasn’t) find someone who is.


Deb@StretchMarks360 June 26, 2012

Hi Ria,
Well said. As with many problems, discussion with those who have experienced it can help immensely – both physically and mentally.

Discussion is what this site is all about. We want to educate, talk about it, and find out what works for who and what doesn’t.


Michelle June 18, 2012

I had stretch marks on my breasts as a teenager because they grew so fast in a short amount of time. If wish i had known that was going to happen. I know now there are steps i could have taken so they didn’t look so bad.

Moms, talk to your daughters about the possibility of stretch marks and let them know it’s normal and there are options.


Deb@StretchMarks360 June 26, 2012

Good advice Michelle,
Getting stretch marks as a teenager is traumatic for many young women. And, most times it’s completely unexpected. Stretch marks is not something most moms and daughters discuss, but it could prevent a lot of stress, anxiety, and loneliness for these girls.

Great comment, thanks…


Jamie June 17, 2012

Regardless of what sort of remedy you try, whether it is natural or cosmetic, you can greatly help your skin with the best way to firm the areas affected by the stretch marks, which is to improve your muscle tone and to reduce your body fat in those areas. Reducing your body fat and firming your muscle tone will reduce the appearance of your stretch marks. I have seen people get fit and vastly clear their skin.


Robbie June 15, 2012

I understand the concern that Rhoda’s sister has with the stretch marks on her breasts. When I was a teenager my breasts grew so rapidly in the course of a year that I got those stretch marks as well. It is bothersome but nothing to be embarrassed about because there are few that don’t have this problem. Thank you for posting her concerns.


Devin June 15, 2012

I wish I had known more about stretch marks before I got pregnant and that there were things I could have done to lessen them. Aren’t stretch marks a lot like scars though, if you use a cream like 100% cocoa butter you can get them to almost disappear?


Deb@StretchMarks360 July 6, 2012

Hi Devin,
A 2008 study published in the International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology has shown moisturizers like cocoa and shea butter will not make stretch marks disappear or prevent them from developing.

Where these creams are useful is helping lessen the severity of stretch marks.

Scientists aren’t sure whether it’s the cream itself, the action of massaging the cream into the skin, or that these creams promote healthy more resilient skin.

Either way, natural moisturizers are good for the skin, relatively inexpensive, and can’t hurt.


Cathy April 6, 2012

So, it looks like there’s really anything I can do to keep away the stretch marks if I’m destined to get’em. How can I tell if I’m going to develop stretch marks, or can I??


Deb@StretchMarks360 April 6, 2012

Hello Cathy,
The best indicator is hereditary. Does your mother, aunt, or a sister or cousin have them? However, if some of your relatives have stretch marks, it’s no guarantee you’ll get them as well – it’s just a good indicator.

The best approach to stretch marks is really damage control. A healthy body and skin are much more resilient against severe stretch marks. Practice healthy preventative lifestyle habits (see the 4 tips for preventing stretch marks article), have an accepting attitude, and if possible – forget about stretch marks until they actually show up.

Best of luck,


wisheerradell April 5, 2012

It’s good to know I’m not alone with my marks. I like you’re not trying to sell pricey creams and cosmetic treatments.

Great article, very helpful.


demettin April 5, 2012

Excellent article guy’s… it’s a weight off my hips/butt…lol.


Deb@StretchMarks360 April 6, 2012

You’re welcome.


habarnedianery April 4, 2012

Uggh – I hate my bum with all these disgusting stretch marks. I’m 15 what can I do to erase them now?


Deb@StretchMarks360 April 6, 2012

Sorry, there really is no quick fixes. At 15, I’d assume your marks are fairly light and you’re very self-conscious when wearing a bathing suit (sorry if my assumption is wrong). Try a bit of camouflage. Makeup isn’t practical for swimwear, the beach or swimming.

So, try a self tanning cream to blend your marks. I had really good results using Jergens Natural Glow, but there are literally dozens of these types of products out there. Just use it like you would a moisturizer. After a week or so I really noticed a difference. Not perfect, but every little bit helps.

Last bit of advice – talk to your parents and look into seeing a dermatologist. It’s a very personal problem and often hard to talk about, but it’s amazing how much advice from others can help.

Best of luck…


Michelle Faith April 4, 2012

Hello I’m eighteen and have nasty dark red stretch marks on my inner thighs and whitish ones on my back – I am not heavy either. I’m sad for others who go through this, but it’s kind of comforting to know I’m not alone in this.
I really don’t expect them to mend without help. I think a dermatologist is a good plan like the article mention.

Thank you,


Deb@StretchMarks360 April 6, 2012

Stretch marks do get better over time. But, to go the extra step and speed up the process, a trip to a good dermatologist for their recommendations is the best first step. That, and some personal research of course…

Best of luck,


Rhoda April 4, 2012

My sister was really experiencing a problem with her stretch marks on her breasts. All these good points eased her anxiety. Thank you.



Deb@StretchMarks360 April 6, 2012

Breast stretch marks are one of the worst! They’re always right there front and center whenever you look in the mirror. Thankfully, they tend to be lighter than belly or hip marks.

Take care,


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